Weathersby Guild Franchise - A Legacy of Excellence

403 Cimarron Park
Peachtree City, GA 30269
United States

While excellence in craftsmanship is central to the Weathersby Guild organization, claims management and report writing are specialties of every Guild member. Each has been trained and tested by an AMSA Certified Claims Analyst and utilizes eStatus to facilitate streamlined communications with adjusters.

The Weathersby Guild specializes in serving the moving and transfer damage claims industry with expert furniture repair, restoration and advice. We serve most of the major carriers in the United States and are dedicated to being your trusted resource and partner.

A Century of Craftsmanship

Backed by a century of experience in furniture repair and claims handling, the Weathersby Guild provides you with the highest level of quality and service. From cost-saving onsite repairs to getting repairs right the first time, our skill and craftsmanship are committed to protecting your bottom-line and strengthening your client relationships.

A Legacy of Excellence

The Weathersby Guild is built on the tradition of continuous progress. At each step from apprentice to journeyman, from craftsman to master craftsman, Weathersby Guild members achieve and demonstrate the highest levels of artisanship. Our goal is to be an asset to your reputation for excellence.

Reliable Moving and Transfer Expertise

Our adjusters count on us for quick, reliable services focused on the moving industry. We save you money because we understand the claims process, know the moving tariffs and are experts in the tenets of inherent vice. With a century’s worth of expertise, we can identify transit damage, estimate and complete repairs that close your claims quickly and cost-effectively.

Each member of the Weathersby Guild is trained by an American Moving and Storage Association-certified claims analyst and is an active member of the Claims Prevention & Procedure Council (CPPC). Every Weathersby Guild member is also trained, certified and tested in Cendant Mobility’s 10-day and 21-day procedures.

A fully staffed headquarters provides an additional layer of support for the Weathersby Guild network and for the adjusting community.
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