The Bodhi Spa - Hydrotherapy and Wellness Spa Franchise

The Bodhi Spa offers guests spa treatments and relaxation therapies that are found nowhere else. We are dedicated to providing wellness solutions for our clients; This extra effort allows us the ability to offer the benefits of natural health and wellness solutions based on proven ancient methods.

The euphoric feeling after a day of detoxification in a water, sauna and steam circuit is proving to be a favorite method of relaxation, and mind/body cleansing. Our unique facility offers the art of detoxification through hot mineral baths, infrared and electric saunas, aromatherapy steams, cold plunges, organic based skin care and more, to showcase your beauty through health.

About Us:

When the enterprising sisters began years of intensive research into the Ancient Tradition of Hydrotherapy practices and the science behind it… Great things happened to their health.

The rest is history.

Own Your Own Business… Be your own Boss:
As a franchisee, your location is your own, but with a franchise support team behind you. Being part of a Branded organization increases the odds of continued growth.

Our team at The Bodhi Spa Heat up, Cool down, Relax, Repeat™ will carefully guide you through the process of learning our proven operational methods. From GO to GROW you will receive our exceptional support.

Our guest acquisition and retention system is stellar. Scheduling is made simple so guests enjoy the reliability of timeliness with their favorite technician.

We will outline day-to-day spa functions, enabling you to execute each phase of the business with ease, assist with your Opening, Advertising, Marketing and Optimizing Policy as well as On-Going Continued Support.

You will be growing an invaluable asset in your community and your involvement is appreciated. Local groups are proud to request sponsorship and offer our donations.

Dollars and Cents:

The Bodhi Spa franchise partners must have a minimum in liquid capital and net worth. Please contact us for additional information. The initial investment ranges from $923,095 to $ 1,224,370 for a single unit; this amount includes the Initial Franchise Fee. Descending royalty scale based on annual sales

Add The Bodhi Spa to your existing business:

Wellness is becoming more significant in our day-to-day lives, in the ways we work, eat, sleep and socialize. As a result, health and wellness experiences at travel destinations can also be predicted to soar in popularity. Hotels, resorts and cruise lines must be a part of this trend to maintain their position within the industry.

Wellness Centers, Gyms and Medical Facilities are collaborating with complementary spa brands to accommodate the growing demand for alternative wellness offerings and incentivizing new members/patients.

By partnering/bundling with companies that are targeting similar audiences, yet with different offerings, brands can maximize their impact reach and create unique experiences. This mutually beneficial arrangement offers an array of benefits to both parties and most importantly, the guests.

Spurred by projections of strong growth in the luxury hotel segment in the next two years, hotel operators have rushed out of the gate with billions of dollars of new development and acquisition initiatives to appeal to affluent travelers.


The focus of the The Bodhi Spa model is to satisfy the expanding market need of Natural Health and Wellness services with an incomparable guest experience. It is a segment that is growing exponentially in popularity, but the market is far from saturated.

We are looking to develop our presence throughout the United States and Overseas.

Be on the cutting edge. Qualified candidates have the opportunity to become part of the bodhi spa team.

Contact our Discovery Team at 844-866-0820 to learn more.

What is Hydrotherapy:

The Art of Hydrotherapy - Hydrotherapy n. 1876, from hydro- "water" + therapy. Hydrotherapy has been used by cultures around the world for thousands of years, the art of healing through the external application of water in any form; hot, cold, steam or ice.

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The Bodhi Spa
Bodhi Spa
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The Bodhi Spa  Bodhi Spa
The ancient tradition of hydrotherapy - mineral salt bubblers, cold plunge, full spectrum infrared sauna, traditional sauna, aromatherapy steam and zen space.

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