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Sign Me Up is more than just signs and a marketing service. We also provide a full-service, immersive customer experience, enabling us to stand head and shoulders above our competition. This is one franchise opportunity you can’t pass up. From day one, all of the guesswork is taken away from you, because we will provide you with the necessary tools and training to jump start your success. We will guide you through every step of the process. We’ll help you through your site selection, negotiate the lease on your behalf, train you and your new team, and once you get your doors open, we will help you advertise, increase your impressions, and implement our sales model to drive sales to your store and truly hit the ground running.

You don’t have to know the sign industry, have skills as a graphic designer or have experience with business ownership in order to seize this franchise opportunity. When you align yourself with a Sign Me Up franchise, we take you through a comprehensive, training program that covers everything from staffing to sales and production. Our training program will get you geared up to host your grand opening with confidence!

Our Certification Training Consists Of:
Two weeks for a retail model
Three weeks for a fabrication model at our training facilities
Three days for the vehicle wrap training school
Two weeks training in your Sign Me Up shop prior, during and post opening
With our training program, proven success, and the need for marketing and advertising in any market, you can bet that your franchise with Sign Me Up will be a successful one. We’ll start you off with all the tools for success so that you can get the most out of your investment in this business opportunity.

A Franchise Model For Everyone
Lite Model
The lite model was made to cater to the person who understands that the sign business is a very attractive business to get into, but doesn’t quite want to jump into a franchise with both feet just yet. This model allows the operator to worry about designing and selling the product without having to worry about how it’s made. Enjoy selling the same broad spectrum of products and services Sign Me Up has come to be known for without having the overhead, equipment or inventory costs to make it. Focus on selling the job and outsourcing the product or service to us or one of our many approved vendors to do the job for you. Once you think you’re comfortable with running your business and want to make more profits for yourself, you can then expand into our retail franchise model, setting you up for even more success.

Conversion Model
Already own a sign or printing business? Converting to a Sign Me Up franchise is much easier and more cost-effective than you’d ever imagined. We offer conversions, lower franchise fees and scaled royalties because you already have a client base and most of the required equipment. Once you convert, you’ll be able to take advantage of our world-class sales training, industry expertise and support and a cutting-edge image and brand awareness. Let’s not forget the night and day transformation of the exterior and interior of your existing store, that will draw in new customers and inspire old ones like you never thought possible! Combine our expertise and your experience, and you’ve got something truly special.

Retail Model
The Sign Me Up retail model is our most popular model. It allows you to present yourself with the best retail storefront in the industry while allowing you to take advantage of the profits that this industry has come to be known for by designing and producing the signs inside of your own store. Yep, that’s right! Unlike the lite model, this model allows you to have the supplies with all the necessary equipment, inventory, and infrastructure needed to start making signs yourself and take advantage of maximizing your profits.

Fabrication Model
Sign Me Up also offers a fabrication model, thus giving you limitless opportunities to realize your full potential! You can open your own fabrication facility in conjunction with your own Sign Me Up franchise locations, supplying your own large, fabricated signs, drastically reducing costs as much as possible and giving you the benefit of manufacturing these large format signs for other local sign and printing companies that lack production capability.
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