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Single Listing Pricing Plans
Advertise $159 Monthly - $159.00
Your ad will have unlimited Views and Clicks directly to your Website. With each month of advertising, your ad gains a better position and  More Views & Clicks. All clicks go directly to your website. Your ad will include direct telephone contact to your company, Your Logo, and up to 10 Pictures of your choice with guaranteed renewal pricing at the same rate. Pricing is not to increase as long as you continue to advertise. Clients are referred directly to you at your website.  Unlimited Views per month on your Advertisement linked directly to your Website. Complete Flexibility to modify your ad at any time, with specials or discounts at your discretion. Unlimited consulting is included in this price. Make changes and specials at no extra charge. All included. 
Advertise- 12 Months $1,795 $1,795.00
Your ad will have unlimited views & clicks linked to your website and will include a direct link to your website, direct telephone contact to your company, Your Logo, and 10 pictures of your choice, ad has guaranteed price renewal.
Inquiries are sent directly to you from your potential clients. Access to your website, address, phone, etc. are all furnished on the site and you can place your Video, and 10 Pictures of your operations and a video can be placed on the site. If you request, Frandocs designers will set up your entire site for you at no extra charge. You are guaranteed renewal at the present pricing, no matter if there is a price increase.
Subscription Pricing Plans
Three 3 Ads $395 Month - First Month is Free - Enter code -Free Month $395.00

The first month is Free. Enter code " Free Month" and your first month is Free. Three Ads for Advertising Multi Brand Companies: Sign in, fill in your website and contact information, Make changes, and update your ads, no extra charges. Your 3 ads will include direct telephone contact with you, 10 pictures of your choice with each ad, with guaranteed price renewal. Inquiries are sent directly to you from your potential clients. Access to your website, address, phone, etc. is all furnished on the site, and your own Video, and 10 Pictures of your operations. Ads renew until canceled.

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