Peace, Love and Little Donuts Frandocs

Peace, Love and Little Donuts
50 21st Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
United States

I put a used donut machine together wrong and it made these delicious, "little" donuts. Ever since that day, we decided to continuously make donuts all day long, so FRESH is not an accident. We have our own Groovy, Far Out and Funkadellic toppings and frostings that are our unique creations. Join us!!!
How It All Got Started. A friend knew that I had dabbled in the food business besides my lifelong calling and devotion to serving in the Ministry. He needed to clean out a garage he was renting and one of the items he had purchased was a little donut machine that he wasn’t even sure if it worked.
I agreed to take it off his hands. When I got it home, my wife was convinced that I had bought another non-working piece of equipment that would join the pile of other brilliant projects in our garage… and to be fair… she wasn’t that far off. She “strongly suggested” that I look into making donuts for a big hockey tournament, and to my dismay, the director said “Yes!”. So in my case, there is a strong
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