OSI Weightlifting Bodybuilding Franchise "Old Skool Style" Where Champions are Built

OSI was started by four guys who met at a gym while training who happened to be of similar mind regarding lifting. Training is our passion, competing in Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Scottish Games and Strength Contests.

Hearing the rumblings from other lifters who missed the 'Old Gym Days' and being personally sick and tired of the rules of luxury commercial health clubs− the music, the complaints of lifting noise and chalk, in addition to the fact that no gym in the area had a dead-lift platform, we took action and opened A PLACE FOR SERIOUS LIFTERS TO TRAIN HARD without all of the restrictions!

Each facility is a fully-equipped gym and training facility with at least two full sets of competition equipment for serious powerlifters and weight lifters. Including: dead-lift platforms, ER Combo racks, power racks (full and half rack), deadlift bars, squat bars, Smith machine, competition bench, full rack of dumbbells, etc.

Bring back the basics of powerlifting to your neighborhood, your clients can train at a real gym−A USPA Certified powerlifting training and competition facility from OSI.

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