Office Fragrancing and Scent Marketing Franchise

Fresh Aire Franchise, LLC
19363 Willamette Dr #231
West Linn, OR 97068
United States

Build your future with a scent-marking franchise! Please call us to find out if we are a good fit for each other.


Fresh Aire has been fragrancing and deodorizing offices since 1995! Our deodorizers and fragrances are specially formulated to quietly and continuously evaporate into the air. These environmentally friendly fragrances contain odor neutralizers and odor counteractants. We have a variety of fragrances from strong to mild, and our owners and service technicians use both art and science to control the evaporation rate. This technique allows us to fragrance any area from the size of the typical office or lobby to a large or small restroom for about the cost of a lunch every four weeks!
It's really difficult dealing with odors outside of your control. Especially in a business, where I need customers to not smell anything terrible. Fresh Aire crushes it!
Fresh Aire Franchise
Ed Winkler
19363 Willamette Dr #231
West Linn OR 97068
United States
Fresh Aire Franchise Ed Winkler
We are looking for people-friendly couples or individuals who have the maturity to be able to connect with their community and who are very happy with themselves and the people in their lives. There needs to be an innate willingness to work full days initially and get in front of people you do not yet know and ask them to do business with you by trying your fragrancing and deodorizing service. You should have some type of involvement in your community and have an understanding of the value of service.

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