LaRosa Chicken and Grill Franchise

La Rosa Chicken and Grill Franchise
300 Craig Rd Suite 210
Marlboro, NJ 07726
United States

Investing in a business to gratify your future is a big step. If you are considering food as a business or franchise option, consider this:

“It’s never just the food”

La Rosa started as a single restaurant that has grown today, into a food chain for the most discriminating of taste, authenticity & value.

A superb value combination of product, platform and HQ support – La Rosa Chicken & Grill appeals to a broad customer demographic. Our stores are for busy people everywhere that need a high-value restaurant for their more regular in store dining, and for healthy and nourishing meals to serve at home, or anywhere – pick-up or delivery.

Loyalty built on fine food and pleasant atmosphere, along with our historic high monthly- multiples, make La Rosa Chicken & Grill a clear choice for you, And, a favorite destination for your future customers. Satisfied customers tell others!
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 La Rosa Chicken and Grill Franchise Lisa Welko
Why La Rosa

Make our success your success

The Menu Every recipe for every item on the La Rosa menu is a part of our Italian family food tradition. Our commissary delivers made from scratch food that helps keep cooking to a minimum at the stores. It also ensures the quality of food served is always consistent in taste and quality.

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