HUSSE - Leader in home delivery of quality products for your dog & cat.

HUSSE USA FRANCHISE Quality Products for Dog & Cat
Torstenssonsgatan 9 Stockholm, Sweden

Our master franchisees order straight from the factory and buy the food
at cost. By skipping unnecessary retailers, Husse can offer its
customers superior quality products, delivered directly at very
competitive prices.
Our business is based on a straightforward premise - to make things
simple for our customers! We remove the need to carry heavy bags or
travel to specialized shops to buy high quality pet food. A Husse
customer simply places their order online, by phone or fax and we
deliver on a fixed schedule to suit them.

The success of this concept has been solidly proven. Since our franchise
was launched almost 30 years ago, Husse has been growing approximately 25%
every year, adding new markets and consistently winning new market share
of the fast growing global pet food industry, regardless of cultural
differences and consumption patterns.

Husse - A premier opportunity

We offer you the opportunity to obtain the exclusive rights to our
brand, system and product range in your country or a larger territory.
Your role will be to set up a warehouse, keep a complete stock of
Husse’s product range, recruit a network of franchisees/distributors and
support them as they build their business.

Benefits of the Husse master franchise

The Husse franchise system is very simple and effective, operating with
minimal administration and costs.

As a master franchisee you have the exclusive right to the Husse
trademark which, in addition to brand image and product range, gives you
access to a comprehensive, easy-to-use CRM business program and
professional marketing support. We provide full training, website and
day-to-day support from our home office in Stockholm.
Area Development Programs
Multiple Unit Discounts
International Development Available
Husse USA
Torstenssonsgatan 9 Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm 33036
Founded in Sweden in 1987 and now operating in more than 40 countries
with approximately 750 franchisees/ distributors and over 45 master
franchisees, Husse is the European leader in home delivery of premium
quality dog and cat food, cat litter and pet accessories.

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