HiiT15 “Get Fight Fit”

HiiT15 “Get Fight Fit”
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With hundreds of different functional and equipment based exercises you never see the same workout twice. HiiT15 is the perfect addition to gyms and martial schools looking to add revenue by gaining new customers and maximizing floor space. This premier program instantly adds excitement to your gym. Add clients to membership that your gym would have never attracted before and keep members that were getting bored with the same old routines.
Additional Programs: HiiT15 Personal Training, HiiT15 Group and KidFit15 require Licensee to have license, approved floor plan and facility for HiiT15 Program. All other Program licenses may be purchased individually. Discounts for multiple additional programs for one Licensed Club may apply. Ask your HiiT15 representative. For all onsite training and consulting Licensee shall be responsible for all travel expenses and room and board expenses for the Trainer in addition to the Initial Training Fee. Licensees may choose to send their staff to HiiT15 Training Center in Greenville, SC for training or Continuing Education. Courses offered quarterly in Greenville.
Hiit15 Training Camp
HiiT15 Personal Training is the perfect addition to the HiiT15 workout. Personal training is a great way to increase gym profits. HiiT15 creates the customers for your trainers by allowing them to build rapport through the semi personal circuit training atmosphere. Many people are not ready to start the HIIT/Martial Arts circuit training program and use Personal training as a bridge to reach the goal of training the regular HiiT15 workout. Many people think they are in shape until they start the program. The diversity of HiiT15 challenges cardio, strength, core, balance and coordination as well as technique. It will expose any weaknesses clients may have and need to work on through Personal training. There is no selling needed because clients will seek out the additional PT services from the trainer on the floor.
HiiT15 Group
Group training using the HIIT training martial arts based circuit workout followed by choreographed group kickboxing training and finished off with a crushing lower body and core routine. Group training is designed to be taught on the existing HiiT15 floor and can be used as a regular group fitness class for your gym or a way to generate interest in you HiiT15 30 minute program. Different weekly routines and music keep people coming back for more.

15 sixty second rounds of all martial arts bagwork drills designed to challenge your cardio and coordination while you learn practical martial arts striking skills. Practice kicks, punches, elbows, knee strikes and self defense striking combinations. Hundreds of combinations for all fitness and skill levels. Like HiiT15 the Workout of the Week changes every Sunday.
A great additional program for large gyms and a must for any martial arts school KidFit15 follows the same principles as HiiT15 with a more kid oriented fitness them that encourages not just strength, cardio, core, balance and coordination but encourages them to enjoy fitness. By having fun while they workout out children develop a love for exercise and healthy living. Kidfit15 is keeps them coming back for life.
Absolute Krav Maga
Krav Maga is the ultimate self defense martial art. Designed by the Israeli Military it focuses on functional practical techniques based on reality. Krav Maga is quickly becoming the most popular martial art in the United States because it is useful and fun to train. By adding Krav Maga to your program your gym will reach a much broader customer base. Your staff will be trained and your program supported by certified Krav Maga Black Belt Instructors to ensure the quality and legitimacy of your progra
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United States
Martial Arts themed workout rounds make your workout fun and exciting. High Intensity Interval Training in 15 high intensity rounds (HiiT15) with interspersed rest periods produces optimum results of training and conditioning.
Hitt15 works great even if (and particularly if) you haven't exercised in years.
Expert instructors can modify all fitness routines and fitness levels to meet individual’s needs.

Hiit15 teaches exercises and training techniques far beyond the immediate workout routines.
Hiit15 means total body movement. Everything exercises.

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