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5420 W Sahara Suite 200
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Founded in 1994, First Choice Business Brokers has grown into a family of over a hundred brokers and agents nationwide, an "Entrepreneur Franchise 500" ranked business opportunity. We assist buyers and sellers of small to medium sized businesses with their transactions in the most professional and effective manner possible, and are leaders in our industry, with operating methods and procedures that are second to none.
Consider these advantages of a business brokerage over almost any other type of franchise:

Low initial investment
Low overhead and no inventory
Few or no employees
Highly expandable and scalable
Business-to-business only
No previous experience required
Daytime and weekday hours
A service that most customers must use
The retirement of self-employed baby boomers, corporate downsizing, and the ever-improving affordability of business entities have created an enormous market for decades to come. Of even greater importance is the resiliency of our industry to economic cycles. In "good" economies, business owners know that it's a good time to sell, and buyers have the money to pay the price. In "poor" economies, business owners often need to sell, and astute entrepreneurs know that it's the time to buy. Business purchases also rarely involve external financing, so credit scores and interest rates are much less of an issue (and a headache) in our industry than in others.

As an owner of a First Choice Business Brokers franchise, you receive:

The most comprehensive training in the industry.
The most elaborate and efficient proprietary software in the industry, which not only houses and posts your listings, but acts as your office administration hub - organizing every aspect of your business from A to Z.

The most detailed "living contracts" and forms in the industry, which have become near "bullet proof" following thousands of closed sales during our over fifteen years of operations exposing almost every contractual "road block" imaginable.
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First Choice Business Brokers Inc
Jeffrey Nyman
5420 W Sahara Suite 200
Las Vegas NV 89146
United States
First Choice Business Brokers Inc Jeffrey Nyman
Business Brokers since 1994. Franchised in 2006. Franchises in USA and Mexico.
We train, no experience required.
Scalable and can be extremely profitable.

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