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From Vision to Approval to Construction and Grand Opening. EZ Funding Solutions does it all, every time they pick up a project. Whether its a Business Plan or Loan Projection Service for their Banker Partners, or their own client looking for financing for their Franchise start up, EZFS gets it right every time.

EZ Funding Solutions was started in 2013 after Founder, Parag Nevatia, spent 20 years in the Banking Industry, realizing that most loans usually get declined from banks because people are unable to present themselves clearly or for arguably unknown and "very often", frustrating reasons, sometimes, weeks or months later, basically wasting everybody's time. Additionally adding to the franchisees, their landlords, and the franchisor's pain of not opening the location quickly to start making money.

EZ Funding Solutions is a 4-in a row, Award-Winning Business Finance Advisory Firm (GCIF (2020), MoRE (2021), Money 2.0 (2023) and NJBIZ (2023) that makes "Businesses Bankable" for Financing FIRST, and then works with the borrower day in and day out, from vision to underwriting to closing, and beyond with invaluable services such as Business Sustainability, ultimately to educate clients to building equity on P&Ls and Balance Sheets to look healthy, get more funding for future growth, and eventually, exit the business for a price that the seller is looking for. EZFS is a firm with 8 verticals and solutions for businesses in all cycles of business - start up, acquisition, growth or sale.

Founder, Parag Nevatia has an Accounting Degree (to understand how numbers move around), clubbed with the production-line work experience (brought into to the financing world), SBA Underwriting Certification (to differentiate from Loan Brokers) and the Focus and Credibility within the Banking world (by being a Counselor), therefore approaching EZFS goals by virtue of educating each client so that they can thrive to make well informed decisions and not fail.

Parag's best-selling book "Bankability - a Walkway to Loan Approvals and Building Equity" is available for purchase on Amazon and downloadable on Kindle, through this link on the second slide:

Franchisors have recommended their franchisees to EZFS simply because others just do not follow through and bring the file to the finish line, and surely do not invest enough time on every client to make sure everybody knows what to expect. For more information on EZFS Franchise Proposal click here

In short, only a former SBA Lender could identify the gaps in the lending process and leave the system to create solutions to fill those gaps from the outside, only to help the system back.
EZ Funding Solutions
Parag Nevatia
3 Poplar Avenue Suite 201
NJ 08902
United States
EZ Funding Solutions Parag Nevatia

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