FRANCHISE MARKETING 

An effective franchise marketing strategy consists of various franchise marketing channels, including paid, free, digital, and traditional. You can consider a franchise marketing strategy as an overarching game plan to reach consumers in the many ways they like to communicate and connect with brands.

With advances in technology, digital marketing for franchises has become one of the leading methods for a franchise to increase brand awareness, reach customers, and boost sales. Internet and social media usage has led to that trend. Globally, internet users were spending an average of 147 minutes on social media in 2022 — up from 145 minutes a day, according to a survey. Another study revealed that Americans were spending an average of 1,300 hours. By implementing digital and social media marketing, franchise owners can significantly increase their visibility.

However, a franchise marketing strategy can vary widely, depending on the industry. For example, a franchise in the restaurant industry may design a significantly different marketing plan than one in the electronics industry. Each franchise marketing strategy should be customized to meet the needs of the targeted audiences.

Understanding your ideal customers on a personal level—their needs wants, and aspirations—is key to building a franchise marketing strategy that resonates with them. 

Successful franchise-based businesses can increase their visibility to entrepreneurs who have access to start-up capital and a desire to operate their businesses. Franchises offer motivated individuals the opportunity to establish a new business with the benefit of a support system, an established brand, and access to needed supplies and products. The most effective advertising methods for franchises target individuals who can help extend your existing brand effectively and profitably.

Frandocs Advertising Sales 

Sales commission $1,000 per sale 

Frandocs advertising is directed toward Franchisors, Business Opportunities, Food Services, and Suppliers to all the above.

Franchising is the primary customer base that the website appeals best to. Because we have several Franchisors, we have only touched the surface of the industry. There are over 5000 Franchisors available to advertise on our site. These are continually rotating with new Franchisors coming on constantly.

Many companies that are not Franchisors are potential advertisers on the Frandocs website. Restaurant Equipment Suppliers, Builders, Commercial Real Estate, Banks, Finance Companies, Auto and Truck Dealers, and many more. There is no reason to limit your sales to Franchises only. Any company that wants to advertise nationally, like Airlines, Rental Cars, etc., and many diverse companies that want National Advertising. Use your imagination and reach out to them.

The appeal of Frandocs is also very good in the Business Opportunity Business, which is even larger than the Franchise business. Also, Frandocs has wide appeal in the field of suppliers to these industries. Companies that sell equipment, food, construction companies, commercial realtors, Franchise brokers, etc. The list goes on and on.

Publications that show lists of Franchisors are available on the web and also in the Franchise Handbook, which is on the web also.

Attorneys are a good source of advertisers, especially Franchise Attorneys.

If you understand a particular group, as named above, it is best to specialize in that area. Such as Fast Food Franchises. If you have experience in commercial real estate, it is a large part of Franchising and good to concentrate on.

The actual list is practically endless and Frandocs presents an inexpensive way for these companies to advertise.

Presentation of details:

1. Over 50,000 views per month by potential buyers

2. National and International exposure of their products.

3. Complete flexibility of their ads, since they may make content changes at any time.

4. Frandocs will assist the new client in designing their ad at no extra cost.

5. Frandocs guarantees price renewal to the client at their original purchase price no matter if there is an increase in prices while they are advertising.

6. Frandocs will not accept any advertisers marketing any type of Drug Products or Illegal Activities.

7. Source potential buyers on the web. Franchisor, Franchisee, Bizz Ops, Suppliers for Franchises, including equipment.

$1,000 sales commission for each client that the salesperson submits to Frandocs and signs up and pays by credit card for the Frandocs program, commissions are paid bi-monthly for all completed sales during the period. The commissions will be downloaded to the specified account by the representative or if desired Frandocs will pay by check if the representative requests.

A representative will submit the business names of potential clients they have contacted so that commissions will be directed to the sales representative. All business names will be emailed to Frandocs at Representatives should keep a copy of all emails.

Since the representative is an independent operating entity and not an employee of Frandocs, there are no deductions taken out of the commissions for taxes. The representative must furnish tax information to Frandocs before commissions are paid.

Since the representative is an independent contractor Frandocs does not offer any benefits, such as health insurance, etc.

As independent contractors, representatives may choose when they wish to make sales. Frandocs suggests that the presentation hours are flexible about the time zones since there is a vast difference in business hours between the East Coast and the West Coast of the USA.

Representatives may also source international business as long as the advertisement is in English. All sales are paid in U.S. Dollars.

Frandocs reserves the right to refuse any sale that is not acceptable and does not meet its standards of advertising including in its discretion the refusal of any sale that is unacceptable by Frandocs in its sole discretion.

Sales representatives shall hold all details of their relationship with Frandocs in complete privacy, including names of clients, and any other pertinent information that relates to Frandocs, its employees, officers, and assigns. There are no commissions paid on repeat purchases made by a client. When speaking with a potential client, refer them to the website while you are talking with them. The website is a powerful sales tool, use it to your advantage. 

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