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A Software Outsourcing Franchise?!?

Are you a Software Developer? Or a Project Manager? Or have experience in Outsourcing?

If yes, then this is the franchise for you!

Tender Software is the Outsourcing company with local agents that operate under Franchise License and are authorized to represent Tender Software to our business customers.

We offer software development services to small and medium business for $14.99 hour.

Our Customers:

Tender Software generally works with small to medium business customers. Some customers have teams of 20+ developers working, other customers put 5 – 10 hours work through us weekly. We focus on business customers that are able to supply ongoing development.

All of our customers are software developers themselves, and generally they manage their own projects.

We do not work for the public or businesses that are not IT businesses, for example, a mom and pop plumber business that “needs a website”. Our customers are usually
• software companies
• web design studios
• businesses that have their own IT departments

What do Franchise Owners do?

The role of the Franchise Owner is to
1. Introduce new customers to the development office
2. Help facilitate communication
3. Manage the Business Relationship with the customer.

After you have introduced that customer to the Offshore Development Office Chief Operations Officer, the COO will take over the communication and the customer will liaise directly with the COO and the individual developers in our office.

The customer usually does their own project management and you will generally not need to be involved directly in the software development process or the project management. The customer and the development office work together directly via email, Skype, Project Management Software or online virtual meetings to collaborate on the development.

As a franchisee, you will help facilitate communication and manage the business relationship with the customer.

You must always be contactable by phone, Skype, and email. You will be the first person that the customer will call if there is a problem and depending on the urgency of the problem you may need to phone or SMS the relevant project leader in India to wake them if there is a critical “systems down” issue to resolve.

You will also need to call the customer every month or so check how things are going and to forward any comments or feedback to the development office COO for him to follow up.

New Customer Incentives and Development Performance Guarantees:

We offer 25 hours free development time to prospective customers to get the relationship going.

We also have a policy written into the customer service agreement that if they are not happy then they do not have to pay.

The cost of the introductory free hours and the “Not happy? Don’t pay” provision is paid for by Tender Software and not the Franchisee.

Our Development Offices:

Because Tender Software owns and operates its own offices in India we are able to strictly control the caliber of software engineers that we recruit.

Most of our development staff are MCA (Master of Computer Applications) plus a Bachelor Degree and have years of industry experience before being recruited to our team. All new recruits have been put through extensive testing before being offered employment with us and have been well trained on US expectations. They understand that all development must be “pixel perfect” and done with high level coding standards.

All of our customers are developers themselves and we only supply top tier developers to them because anything less would just lose us their business!

Mobile Office and your involvement with other businesses:

Tender Software is a mobile office style of business and you are not required to rent commercial premises.
If you are currently involved in another business, or if you a have a job then it is still fine to be a Tender Software Franchisee, all that we ask is -
• you not be involved in any way with any business that competes with Tender Software, and
• you must always be contactable by phone and email to answer Tender Software customer inquiries

Your office is your laptop and your cell phone, and they can be anywhere, whether that be working another job, operating another business, working from home, or sitting on the beach in the Bahamas (as long as you have phone coverage!).


Franchisee revenue is a substantial commission on payments from customers. The commission is an ongoing commission on all work from customers you introduce to Tender Software.

We aim to build solid relationships with our customers to ensure their repeat business. Some customers have been putting work through the development office for 5+ years.

Your customer portfolio is an asset that you can build up and sell in the future. You have a legal right to the commission on revenue from customers you sign and that is a saleable asset.

If you have some experience in Software Development or Outsourcing then take the next step to building your Software Outsourcing Business contact us today to obtain a copy of the Tender Software Franchise Disclosure Document.

Estimated Initial Investment: $8,300 - $28,700
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