Rytech Restoration Franchise

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RyTech Restoration Franchise
1690 Roberts Blvd NW, Ste 120
Kennesaw, GA 30144
United States
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Water Damage Specialists

When a water emergency strikes, you want someone reliable, knowledgeable, and professional who can be at your door in no time. Rytech is one of the leading water damage specialists since 1995 offering 24/7/365 availability in more than 28 major metropolitan areas. If you’ve got water damage you need Rytech.

At your door in a matter of hours, anytime, day or night.
Drier…Faster…with less mess in your home or business.
Certified Technicians who care for your property and treat you like family.
No worries– insurance direct billing and always at a fair price.
Mold Damage

Mold can affect any home at any time of the year, especially if you recently had water damage or leaks. You might even have a mold problem and not know it! Mold will grow and spread in optimum conditions (warm and humid environments), leaving you with not only an annoyance but also a situation that could be potentially hazardous to your health.

Rytech’s Certified Mold Remediation Team strives to always deliver expert solutions in the most professional and ethical way possible. Our IICRC certified technicians will thoroughly inspect your home or building. If mold damage is present, our IICRC certified mold technician will work closely with you, and Certified Indoor Air Quality professional to develop an immediate and efficient plan of action to remove the mold and detect the moisture causing it. Once Rytech’s work is complete, our technician will work with an independent third party Indoor Air Quality professional to ensure that your home or building has been successfully remediated. Once your home has passed clearance testing you will be provided a copy of the test results for your records.
For over 30 years, William “Bubba” Ryan has owned and operated highly successful restoration companies. By the early 1990’s, Ryan recognized the need for significant improvements in the water damage restoration industry. As new technologies emerged and proper drying procedures developed, Ryan realized the need for major improvements as many companies lacked the ability to provide efficient and effective drying service.
In 1995, Rytech, a “water only” mitigation company was borne. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Rytech has become a leader in the water damage restoration and mold remediation industry. From its humble beginnings in one location, the company has reached exponential growth and currently provides service to 49 major markets across 25 states.

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RyTech Restoration Franchise
Steven Seabaugh
1690 Roberts Blvd NW, Ste 120

United States
Main Phone 7063720057
Rytech Restoration Information
Rytech Restoration’s concept is a niche business in the recession resistant insurance restoration contracting industry that allows a Franchisee to operate his business from home with limited staff during start-up and into the future. Unlike full-service Fire and Smoke brands, the Rytech concept is to produce the highest cash flow with low labor costs for residential and commercial water damage repair and mitigation with limited other services.
Part of the Rytech service program includes causes like leaking pipes, ruptured water heaters, leaky washing machine hoses, dishwashers, refrigerators, rain storms, flash floods and storm water cleanup. Mold remediation is an additional service offered by most of our owner/operators. All structural drying and water extraction are performed by Certified Technicians using state-of-the-art equipment and Rytech work is always 100% guaranteed.
This business model allows Rytech Franchisees to focus on the actual water extraction and any needed repair services and creating local brand awareness. All “front and back office” support services are performed at our Administrative Call Center which is located in Kennesaw Georgia. Our centralized office answers phones for franchisees 24/7/365 and dispatches job assignments to you or your field staff, assist with the management of insurance claims and customer paid assignments. Our IICRC Certified MDS Team creates every estimate for you, and reviews the initial and final claim invoices, handles most collection services, initial bookkeeping, and more!
All job data is collected for each job utilizing Rytech’s Proprietary software, for Rytrac/MICA utilizing the franchisees personal computer(s), laptops, and or IPad(s) and job claim data can be uploaded in real-time to our Corp offices for onsite estimate creation and claim co-management. Claim Summary Reports are generated or updated daily by you or your Techs and or our Mediation Data

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