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Jantize America Franchise
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United States
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Get your own business started with just a minimal amount of capital. Owning an Area Developer paves your way to becoming your own boss. As an area developer franchisee, you can seize the opportunity to earn income from the area under your control.

If you are passionate about making your business grow, have the capability to make sound decisions and are ready to become a real business manager, then you are the candidate we are looking for. First time business owners and risk takers are also welcome to be a part of our company. We will prepare you for your executive tasks through the formal training we provide.

The services offered by our business are proven to be recession-resistant. The commercial cleaning business is a multi-billion dollar industry. Commercial establishments will always need cleaning services to maintain a standard working environment for their employees. This makes the demand for commercial cleaning one that will not be slaked easily. With an Area Developer license, you can take advantage of exclusive ownership of your chosen territory to operate your business. You can seize the opportunity for unrestricted financial growth as you gather more clients. Being the executive of your business, you have the authority to recruit people to work for you. You will also have the right to vend unit franchises, which will also be under your command.

The main difference between Jantize and our competitors is the freedom we give you to manage your business while still providing the support you may need. Our Area Developer program allows you to independently direct your business. The revenues, royalties and income from other sources are solely yours to manage. We will also help you get away from troubles of billing and collection because we will be doing that for you. This will also get you more focused on making your business grow.
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Get the best deals and unlimited earning potential with the Area Developer we offer. We are giving enthusiastic entrepreneurs the opportunity to be the executives of their own businesses and to earn unlimited income. Our area developer program allows you to commercially own a geographical unit where you can exclusively manage your business.

Jantize is a full service commercial cleaning company. Over the years, we have seen the effects of the recession the world is currently facing. The rate of unemployment among citizens is growing larger. We understand how hard life is, especially when one has an insufficient source of income.

Some people would even think about taking on three jobs to make a decent living. This has led us to develop an innovative business solution that has the capacity to resist the effects of recession and provide sufficient income for your family.
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If you are interested in owning a fast-growing business that has the capacity to earn well, then our area developer franchise is the right choice. Enjoy enormous business opportunities and revenue generation potential as an Area Developer holder. Commercial cleaning services are still in demand today. Commercial buildings like banks, restaurants, medical facilities and offices require cleaning services to keep their facilities hygienic. Our Jantize Area Developer program is one fitting solution to overcome recession and its effects. Contact us to find out more about our area developer program and how it can help you live a good life for you and your family.
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Jantize America Franchise
Paul Dorsey
5555 Concord Pkwy South STE 336
Concord NC 28027
United States
Main Phone 704-503-7141
Jantize America Franchise Paul Dorsey
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Executive Sales Management Company seeking Area Developer-Master Franchisers:

Residual monthly revenue streams include:

• Franchise fees
• Financing of franchise contracts
• Administrating franchise notes
• Monthly and ongoing royalties
• Marketing fees
• Supplies and equipment sales

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